August 2nd, 2011

Leading The Transition assists innovative technology and consulting organisations in achieving a dominant position in new industries, emerging technologies and innovative services.

Ing. J.M. (Job) ten Bosch

Leading The Transition is owned by Job ten Bosch. He has studied Technical Management, Innovation Management and Energy Management and has published articles and books on CleanTech Venture Growth (www.CleanTechGrowth.org) as well as the art of persuasion (www.ikkrijgaltijdgelijk.nl).

Clean Vehicle Technology

  •  As Clean Vehicle Advisor of the municipality of Rotterdam he was responsible for projects such as the forming of a consortium that deployed the first E85 (Bio-Ethanol) fueling station of the Netherlands.

Concentrated Solar Power

  • As an advisor for the European Knowledge Economy Platform Job ten Bosch was projectcoödinator of the kick-off of the Impact Initiative on Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). This initiative intended to make new business connections in the European value chain of CSP. The Platform is now an important intermediate partner and catalystic force in the European CSP industry.

Persuasive Performance

  • In the meanwhile Job ten Bosch was co-owner of the start-up in debate and persuasion training Debatrix. Founded by world champion and persuasion expert Lars Duursma, Debatrix became one of the leading debate and persuasion agencies of the Netherlands. Debatrix trains (EU) politicians, business leaders and knowledge workers in improving their performance through the art of persuasion.
  • While not involved in the frontline process of Debatrix, Job is still active for Debatrix. As Business Developer he is responsible for new lines of business, strategic partnerships and the international roll-out of the organisation.

Business Acceleration

  • Leading The Transition is founding partner of the CoGrowth Coöperation ua. This organisation for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs is founded with only one goal: To accelerate growth of new technology ventures through co-entrepreneurship. Together with other experienced entrepreneurs the CoGrowth Coöperation offers entrepreneurial expertise ranging from finance & legal to technology marketing and growth strategy.

Current Projects

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